Flashy Friday – Transformation

(I wanted to use the Wordless Wednesday picture as a sort of prompt, so this is the first of many Flashy Fridays, a series of flash fiction stories. Please feel free to leave comments, criticisms, critiques, and praise. I’m forever learning the craft of writing, developing my voice, and honing my skills. Your participation and help are greatly appreciated.)


I twirled in front of the full-length mirror on the back of the closet door. The plum gown flared and hugged my too-large hips in all the wrong places. I walked, on tip-toes, to my bed, lowered myself to the floor, and stuck my arm underneath. I pulled out the pair of strappy heels, the four inch ones, and slipped inside.

I walked back to the mirror, my center of gravity off as I tried to balance in the new shoes. I stared at myself: My five o’clock shadow was coming back and my hair was disheveled, but my lipstick was on point. I wondered what Julie was doing just then, if she were twirling in front of a mirror in her dress and fussing over every detail before the dance, like me. I sighed and wiped away the bright red lipstick with the back of my arm.

I didn’t hear my bedroom door open, and when I turned around and saw my mom filling the space in the threshold, I lost all balance and fell.

We stood in silence, caught in the unexpected. Before she left she whispered, “Every woman can be transformed by a beautiful gown and a pair of heels.”