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The Longest Night Watch Anthology, version 2. This is my first time submitting a short story and having it published. [And I’m so tickled about this whole process!] Let me tell you a little bit about this anthology. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the proceeds from purchases goes to a charity dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease research. Yes, every penny. Contributing authors don’t see a bit of it, and that’s awesome. (Oh, and it’s dedicated, with permission, to Terry Pratchett, who also lived with Alzheimer’s disease for many years.) Reviews are really important to indie authors, so you can find our Goodreads page here. Published on: October 20, 2016.


Ghostly Writes Anthology, version 1. I’ve been getting into everything spooky lately, so when I was offered to submit a story for this spooktastic anthology I didn’t hesitate to jump on board. This is a FREE eBook, widely available, but it also comes in a paperback version. Contributing authors don’t see any proceeds since they all go into production costs for the next year’s version. You can find our Goodreads page herePublished on: October 31, 2016