When plans fall through, march forth.

I came back to the world of blogging after taking a hiatus, and I read my last post. I haven’t made all the progress I’d have like to in January and February, but I’ve been focusing on other things. Here’s a recap.

  • I’ve managed to read at least one book a day to each child, which is huge. Some days, I read the same book five or more times, especially Llama Llama Red Pajama, which is a family favorite.
  • I’ve edited two novels for clients, one in each month, both of which are part of a series. I’m excited to read subsequent stories.
  • I’ve read 13 books so far, which means I’m ahead of schedule. (Not including books I’ve been asked to beta read or edit.)
  • I planned a short story for an anthology, missed the deadline, and expanded the story to a novella.
  • I haven’t kept up with writing, but I hope I can use Camp NaNo in April to play catch up.

I’m starting to see that simpler is better for me. When I create manageable goals, I’m less likely to freeze up. While I’d like to write 1,000 words a day every day all year, it’s not always reasonable for me to do so. I do try to write something each day, whether it’s a quick update on WriYe or planning a short story, though.

With that said, here are some goals for March.


  • Read three books (and write reviews).
  • Write 15,000 words of novella #1.
  • Hunt for great web hosting deals.
  • Continue to read one book a day to the kids.


I’m trying to read more indie authors. If you’re an indie author and want me to read (and review) your book, please let me know. While I prefer literary fiction and mystery/thrillers, I’m open to other genres. 🙂


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