Building a creative routine.


As my youngest moves from the newborn stage into infancy – he will be one month old tomorrow – I’m looking to construct a routine for writing time. If anything, it’ll help me with knowing what day of the week it is.

I don’t have something for every day, since that’s unreasonable for me, but I do have ideas for some of them. I’m doing these on a bimonthly schedule (every other week).

1.) On Tuesday, I’ll have Tasty Tuesday when I will post a recipe that I found in a book I read (not a cookbook) or a recipe I plan to include in one of my books. There will be yummy pictures included.

2.) Wednesdays will be Wordless Wednesday, and I will find an interesting piece of art (painting, picture, etc.) and share it. Feel free to write your story to accompany the art in the comments.

3.) Fridays will be Flashy Friday. I’ll post a piece of flash or micro fiction, something under 1,000 words. I love this type of fiction because it’s challenging to write a coherent story in such a short space. It helps with conciseness.

4.) Finally, on Sundays, I will have Sunday Shorts, when I will post short stories. These are longer pieces, between 1,500 – 5,000 words.

I know that when I work consistently on my writing, not only do I improve, but my creativity gets an extra boost. I look forward to sharing with you my creative process and growth!


2 thoughts on “Building a creative routine.

    • Not having a regular schedule has been messing with my mind lately. I’m glad someone else can relate to this. I’m already searching for recipes for the next Tasty Tuesday. I hope you like them, and feel free to make recommendations. 🙂

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