Farewell, January. Hello, February.


This aptly describes January for me. I felt like it was a bust, and I’m trying to not get too discouraged. I excelled in some areas and fell flat in others.

Here’s what happened last month.

Reading: My monthly goal was to read 3 books. I ended up reading 8 books. I still need to update the list on this blog, but my Goodreads bookshelf is up-to-date.

Writing: My monthly goal was to write 40,000 words, not including blog posts or book reviews. I wrote 9,996 words. Yikes. I’m really disappointed with myself with this one. My goal was to wrap up the novel I started in November for NaNoWriMo and write the first half of WIP #1. While I did finish the NaNo novel, I didn’t even begin planning WIP #1. Instead, I wrote two short stories. (Actually, one of them is still unfinished, but it’s nearly there.) I was also supposed to start writing one of the e-books, and I didn’t do that either.

As I look back on January, my goals, and my progress, I am trying to figure out where things went awry and how I can have things run smoother this month.

One of the biggest reasons for the lack of progress was the birth of my second child so early in the month. He was due in late January, so I thought I’d have the majority of the month to focus on writing. Not quite what I imagined! I wound up reading so much because I was essentially couch-ridden with an infant attached to me. Even though he’s nearly a month old, I still can’t put him down for more than five minutes before he starts to cry. That doesn’t exactly allow for optimum writing position. (I’ve tried.) So, I’ve been writing by hand on notebook paper when I can use my dominant writing hand. I get interrupted more than I’d prefer, which is frustrating to lose my flow, so I end up reading instead.

Other reasons for the lack of progress are: choosing to pay attention to my toddler, choosing to nap during the day, and trying to clean the apartment when I can.

I’m not sure how many of these things will change in February, but I hope to find a system to where I can spend at least an hour a week devoted to writing. It’s not much, but it’s more than I spent in January so it’s progress.

Now to finish this short story and start planning WIP #1.

There will be more progress updates coming soon, hopefully with actual progress.


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