On being an adult

On being an adult

This week has been one of those weeks. You know what I’m talking about: those series of days when it seems nothing can go right, and everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Except there is nothing you can do except grin and get through it. Essentially, I’m learning what it means to be an adult, and I have two little people watching me so I need to behave. Yikes. Bad news first so I can end with the positives.

My toddler decided that it would be a great idea to flush one of those massive infant bottle caps down the toilet. I’m potty training (sort of) him, and I let him flush. Fantastic idea, by the way. Now he thinks that if anything is in the toilet, it needs to be flushed. My partner, bless his heart, watched video after video on YouTube then attempted to fix the toilet himself. It wasn’t pretty, but it got done. Except the kitchen sink is clogged now for no apparent reason. It happened the same time as the toilet. That has yet to be resolved, so we’ve been subsisting off fast food for the past few days. Oh, and I have a massive foot blister that makes it oh-so-painful to walk.


I finally finished a book that I attempted to read multiple times. There was a reason it took me three tries to get into it – it didn’t start getting good until page 200, of 311 pages. Anyway, I forced myself to slush through it and now it’s done. Yay!

I also managed to find time to write. In the midst of all this plumbing drama, my Muse was working overtime. The short story isn’t finished yet, but it’s coming along. Can I tell you how good it feels to be writing? Because it feels great!

I’m moving onto a much anticipated book – “The Bazaar of Bad Dreams” by Stephen King. I’m sure my dreams will turn to nightmares any day now.

Finally, I called the speech language pathologist to schedule my toddler an appointment. It was about time. While I’ve worked in SLP before, I’m too close to my son to work with him in a therapy capacity. Putting away my pride and calling took a lot out of me, but it’s what’s best for my kiddo. Hopefully his speech will be on target this time next year. I’m looking forward to his speech blossoming.


I mention all this because I need to apologize for the last of posts the last few days. My posting schedule is all wonky right now, and I hope in the coming weeks it’ll smooth out more. Even with the best of intentions, life still happens and it’s all I can do to keep wearing a smile. Like some friends of mine say, this too shall pass.




Saturday Super Shorts (six word stories)

This won’t likely be a weekly (or even bimonthly) thing, but I liked the idea of a story being told in six words. They say Hemingway came up with this idea, and while I’m sure people were telling six word stories before him, the fact remains that so much can be contained in so little. So here’s to random stories and characters encapsulated in six words.

His soul sighed, consumed with grief.

Flashy Friday – Transformation

(I wanted to use the Wordless Wednesday picture as a sort of prompt, so this is the first of many Flashy Fridays, a series of flash fiction stories. Please feel free to leave comments, criticisms, critiques, and praise. I’m forever learning the craft of writing, developing my voice, and honing my skills. Your participation and help are greatly appreciated.)


I twirled in front of the full-length mirror on the back of the closet door. The plum gown flared and hugged my too-large hips in all the wrong places. I walked, on tip-toes, to my bed, lowered myself to the floor, and stuck my arm underneath. I pulled out the pair of strappy heels, the four inch ones, and slipped inside.

I walked back to the mirror, my center of gravity off as I tried to balance in the new shoes. I stared at myself: My five o’clock shadow was coming back and my hair was disheveled, but my lipstick was on point. I wondered what Julie was doing just then, if she were twirling in front of a mirror in her dress and fussing over every detail before the dance, like me. I sighed and wiped away the bright red lipstick with the back of my arm.

I didn’t hear my bedroom door open, and when I turned around and saw my mom filling the space in the threshold, I lost all balance and fell.

We stood in silence, caught in the unexpected. Before she left she whispered, “Every woman can be transformed by a beautiful gown and a pair of heels.”

Tasty Tuesday: Earl Grey & Poppy Seed Cookies

Normally, recipes will come from books, but I couldn’t pass on this one. I discovered it in a group for writers on Facebook, the NaNoWriMo group. It’s a creation by James Baldwin, and you can visit his Facebook page here.

What you will need:

  • 2 2/3 cups flour
    2 cups packed dark brown sugar
    1 tablespoon salt
    1 tablespoon lemon extract OR (heaped) finely grated lemon peel
    1 teaspoon lemon juice
    6 strong earl grey teabags or 1/4 cup loose leaf earl grey
    1 tablespoon powdered ginger
    1 1/2 tablespoons cinnamon
    Pinch of cardamom [I didn’t add any since it was well outside my budget. I’m not exactly sure what cardamom tastes like, so I didn’t miss it.]
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1/2 cup poppy seeds [I added a little over a quarter cup because I bought the smaller container of poppy seeds. It was more than enough.]
    3 tablespoons molasses or golden syrup
    2 eggs
    1 1/2 cups melted butter
    1 level teaspoon baking powder

What you do:

  • Combine all dry ingredients together, including the tea leaves (which you extract from the bags and mix in DRY, no steeping) and poppy seeds. Add the lemon essence and juice, vanilla, molasses, and eggs. Chop them into the dry mix. Then, use a wooden spoon to fold in the melted butter.
  • The mix will look quite wet and should smell quite lemony. Let the batter rest overnight in the fridge so that the tea has time to release its full flavor.
  • Once chilled, spoon the mix out and roll it into delicious cookie sausages. Cut it up to form little flat patties, and bake for 12-15 min at 375 F/200 C. They should come out when they are just a little soft in the middle. Once they cool, they will be chewy. [I prefer extra chewy cookies so I cooked mine for ten minutes, and they came out great.]

The finished product! (The cookies are misshapen because I was holding my infant while cutting and flattening them. They aren’t pretty-shaped, but they are delicious!)





Building a creative routine.


As my youngest moves from the newborn stage into infancy – he will be one month old tomorrow – I’m looking to construct a routine for writing time. If anything, it’ll help me with knowing what day of the week it is.

I don’t have something for every day, since that’s unreasonable for me, but I do have ideas for some of them. I’m doing these on a bimonthly schedule (every other week).

1.) On Tuesday, I’ll have Tasty Tuesday when I will post a recipe that I found in a book I read (not a cookbook) or a recipe I plan to include in one of my books. There will be yummy pictures included.

2.) Wednesdays will be Wordless Wednesday, and I will find an interesting piece of art (painting, picture, etc.) and share it. Feel free to write your story to accompany the art in the comments.

3.) Fridays will be Flashy Friday. I’ll post a piece of flash or micro fiction, something under 1,000 words. I love this type of fiction because it’s challenging to write a coherent story in such a short space. It helps with conciseness.

4.) Finally, on Sundays, I will have Sunday Shorts, when I will post short stories. These are longer pieces, between 1,500 – 5,000 words.

I know that when I work consistently on my writing, not only do I improve, but my creativity gets an extra boost. I look forward to sharing with you my creative process and growth!