Well, this was unexpected.

So much for my weekly updates, but I promise I have a good excuse. Here’s a little update for those who don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

I managed to finish the novel I had been working on during NaNo. This is huge for me! I had never finished a novel-length manuscript before, so I’m a little overwhelmed with all the editing that needs to be done. (Really, it should just be recycled, but I’m determined to see it through.) I finished it on January 3, just after midnight.

On January 3 in the evening, I went into labor. I had barely enough time to get to the hospital before my little guy was born just after midnight on the fourth. He was nineteen days early! I vowed to finish the novel before giving birth, knowing I would have significantly less time to devote to writing afterwards, and he didn’t wait much longer after I finished.

For the past week, I barely read and didn’t write anything. It was starting to really get to me, but I loved all those baby snuggles. My Muse was still on overdrive, so while I had constant ideas there was little I could do in the way of creation. Last night, though, I sacrificed precious sleep time so I could indulge my storytelling urges. I wrote a short story, and the best part? It doesn’t suck! I’m considering submitting it to a writing contest or online magazine after I edit it. After all, I wrote it at 3am on two days of no sleep. I’m sure even the best of them would need to edit.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing since the first. It’s a far cry from what I wanted to have accomplished – my January goal was to write 30k words – but I’m investing in some other areas of my life right now. I’m finally okay with going off-course and seeing what adventures I can find myself.

Since I’m posting this from my phone and I don’t have all the numbers (not to mention adding pictures), I’ll do a proper update when I can find time to get on the laptop. Until then, happy writing and reading!




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