Wrapping up 2015.

In my time zone, it’s 2:18am, which means my computer is letting me know it’s December 30. The thirtieth! How did that happen so quickly? I’m still in shock myself, and I’m feeling the pressures to wrap everything up before the new year. Life doesn’t always work like that, though, and years don’t always fit neatly in boxes. Days tend to bleed into each other, as I so often see since I don’t “start” my night’s work until after midnight, which is, of course, technically a new day.

My goal is still to finish this manuscript before the first, but I would be okay finish until the end of Friday the first. I’m currently sitting at just over 95,000 words, which is more than I’ve ever written on anything, and I only have eight more scenes to write before I reach “The End.” I’m giddy with excitement at the thought of finally finishing something, but I’m also finding that my fingers feel leaden. Motivation has not been my friend the last few days, which is why I’m so behind, even though I’ve wanted to write.

It serves as a good reminder: I can make all the plans in the universe and I can even be excited about them, but unless I take observable action to complete them I will get nowhere.

I suppose I can call that the lesson of 2015.


Stay tuned for a post about my goals and intentions for 2016!


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