Self-publishing gem

While doing my routine procrastination – and, let’s be honest, what writer doesn’t procrastinate – I found a hidden gem in the world of self-publishing.

I’m starting to really come around to the idea of being a self-publisher or going with an independent press. Before, I was so hung up on finding a literary agent and getting published by a large literary house that I failed to see other options that are available. By talking with a lot of the authors on NaNo forums, I discovered that self-publishing is, in fact, not a cop-out. It’s just as validating and just as rewarding – if not more so – than being traditionally published.

Naturally, I was curious. I’ve been reading indie author blogs, getting to know techniques and different approaches, and generally scoping out the entire idea. That’s when I stumbled across this little gem. It’s called Book Works, and it’s part of the Self-Publishers Association. Here’s my profile on there, if you feel so inclined to check it out. I just signed up so I haven’t fully explored it, but it sound promising to writers of all levels. I signed up for the basic (free) package, which includes newbie things like articles and assistance. There are other packages that come at different costs, each tailoring to people at different levels. Right now, I’m okay with being a newbie. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

I’m looking forward to diving into this resource when I have some “free time” this weekend. I’ll let you all know fun things I find!



3 thoughts on “Self-publishing gem

  1. I’ll check out Book Works. I published my first book in October and plan to publish a second book sometime in 2016. The publishing process was smooth sailing once I found my sea legs, but I’m still learning about marketing.


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