Writing while pregnant.

I’m 31 weeks pregnant, and I’m also a writer. These seem like completely unrelated facts, but I assure you one affects the other.

I’ve reached the NaNo word goal of 50,000 words, and I’m ahead of my monthly word goal of 90,000 words. This should be good news, right? Well, not really. I’m just over 50,000 words, but I’m only in the middle of the story. My goal, my true goal, is to write a completed first draft, and it’s looking like I’ll need more words than 90K to do so. And for that, I am behind.

I’m sitting in bed trying to catch up on words, and I’m participating in these fun word crawls I found on the NaNo forum. Except I can’t really focus at all because this baby is kicking, jabbing, and prodding me constantly. Sometimes I feel like he’s in a starfish shape because he’s everywhere all at once. And the ribs. Oh, the ribs are so tender right now from being used as punching bags (or those pieces of wood that Karate kids break in half).

It’s difficult to focus on typing words, much less figuring out what the heck to type, when this is happening. (And all of this is without the help of caffeine!)

For now, I’m grinning my way through it because I have some serious catching up to do if I hope to finish.

Sunday goals:

  • Write at least 5,000 words. (Total count: 56,000)
  • Plan the rest of the scenes until the end of the book (or get a rough outline written).



Validation for NaNo, being a writer, and being alive.

I have an informal writing blog on Tumblr. It’s a place to keep snippets of quotes and images that I find inspiring so I can revisit them often. During NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, I update frequently to feel connected to a blogging community.

Tonight, I stayed up until midnight to validate my word count on the NaNo website. I wrote this blog post afterwards and published it on my Tumblr blog. It tells parts of my story about being a writer, the struggles I’ve gone through with feeling like a failure, and how my mental illness has contributed to my writing journey.

Day 20 validated

Spoiler alert: It has a happy ending.


I wanted to share the post, even though it is more informal than not, because validation is something I struggle with on a daily basis. After talking with several writers (and non-writers), I discovered it’s a universal battle. By sharing the post in several spots, it’s my hope to reach as many people to help inspire them to continue to reach for their dreams, whether that includes writing or something else.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that life is a journey, and sometimes all we can do is put one foot in front of the other and not give up.

Literary journies

First, I’d like to thank you for visiting this (still sparse) blog. I’m in the transition of moving content from a former website to this one, and it’s been a process to say the least – especially while attempting this during NaNoWriMo. I thank you for your patience as I learn the new features of this web host, and hopefully I won’t make a fool of myself in the process. (Besides if I do, it’s just new content for stories.)

I’m a writer, but I’m much more than that. I spin tales and weave lives of characters to make a beautiful tapestry that never fails to amaze me in the end. Each story – whether it’s one I write or read – is a literary journey, and, regardless of genre, magic happens on the page. Breathing life into characters and watching them come to life is nothing short of magical, and it’s this essence that I try to capture on the page.

This blog is just another continuation of my literary journey. For me, it’s scary to put my inner thoughts and dreams on the page for the world to judge. As a way to become more authentic in my life and in my stories, I’ve created this blog as a place to share those intimate thoughts and my writing process. This is a place for me to share my shortcomings and my successes, to help guide and support but also to learn. Each day I sit down with a pen in my hand or a keyboard underneath my fingers, I feel like I learn more and more about writing and about life. This is where I will share it with you.


This goes against all the “starting a new blog” advice I’ve read, but I’ll admit that I don’t have a specific vision for this blog yet. It’s primarily going to be used as a writer blog, sure, but there’s no definition beyond that. I love to write and read, and I like sharing that love with other people. So pull up a chair and stay awhile. We’re in this together